Flying at our times

Centuries before the Wright brothers, man was considering the thrill of flying.

Humans have advanced from massive wings mounted on arms and balloons filled with hot air to supersonic jets that can fly across the world in a matter of minutes.

We have come a long way as a civilization to where we are today. Air travel has changed through the century from the time when manned flight was made a reality. Safety and reliability are required more. Today traveling by airplane is a very different procedure than it was just ten short years ago.

Security is the utmost priority for the flying public. Global events have forever changed the way security is approached as humans continue to fly. Checkpoints at airports do not allow loved ones to walk their traveling friends and family to the gate. Specific items are not allowed to be carried onto a plane.

Depending on the country in which you are embarking the plane, the security procedures may vary a great deal. For example, El Al airlines of Israel will not allow persons to fly unless they have undergone stringent screening through profiling and questioning. Suspicious passengers are escorted to a private area to be screened by military and airport personnel to ensure the safety of all others on board the plane.

In the United States it was procedure to walk through a metal detector after removing all metal. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has modified their procedures for passengers many times. Metal detectors were not enough to find explosives and so shoes were then removed. Cellular phones and laptop computers were not immune to scrutiny. Each device had to be turned on to prove that they were actual devices and not bombs in disguise. Currently there are x-ray scanners or physical pat-downs to ensure no weapons pass through.

Liquids were also prohibited on airplanes. Breast milk, toothpaste, and bottled water were on the list of prohibited liquids. Currently these liquids are allowed but in restricted quantities. Additionally tweezers and knitting needles became prohibited because each can be used as a weapon.

Other changes in air travel include locked doors to cockpits on each airplane to keep out dangerous people. Pilots are given the opportunity to gain a handgun license and carry a gun in the cockpit. Air Marshals are on most domestic flights, too. All security measures are to keep the traveling public safe.

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