Aviation Heroes

Ever since the Writght Brothers and their invention of the first functioning airplane and its ability to leave the ground and fly in the air.

People have been emerging ready to make their mark and make a name for themselves in the aviation world. The Wright Brothers where heros not only because they built the first airplane and succesfully got it off the ground but because they also invented the three-axis control which would help with the steering of the aircraft and the equilibruim.

The first women to ever be licensed to fly a plane by the Aero Club of America was Harriet Quimby. In 1911 she was given her certificate to fly and not even over a year later she became the first women to fly across the English channel.

Amelia Earhart was the first women to succesful complete many solo trips along far distances such as crossing the Atlantic non-stop and recieving the Distiguished Flying Cross and among other flights one from Honolulu, Hawaii to Oakland, California. When she turned 40 she decided to start planning for a trip around the world. She made it to her first stop but when taking off for her second leg the weather began to get turbulent and radio signals where sent out saying she couldnt see the landing strip and was running low on fuel. Eventually all radio signals stopped and Amelia was never found. Its a great mystery but her courage and bravery and subtle fight for equality for men and women in fields mainly dominated by men made her a hero in aviation to always remember.

The first man to fly across the English channel was Louis Berioit who completed this endeavour in 1909. He was a pioneer in air racing and enjoyed the thrill of the air at his face and feeling free in the sky. An inventor, french aviatior and engineer he also created the monoplane, which is an aircraft with one set of main wings instead of bi or tri.

Wiley Post was the first man to ever fly across the world solo, he also worked in developing the first suits for high pressure altitude situations one which can be seen in the National Air and Space Musuem's Steven F. Udvar-Hazey Center.

Geraldine Jerrie Mock was the first woman to complete the around the world trip solo and recieved the Louis Berioit medal for her accomplishments.

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